In the receiver signal chain, the analog is converted to digital at an early stage, with a minimum of analog circuitry. Most of the characteristics are “soft” and can be modified at the program level, and do not depend on different hardware configurations. As such, the transceiver is capable of generating or demodulating almost any type of analog or digital signal, simply by reprogramming. Modular design allows for rapid upgrades and repairs.

• Coverage of Civilian (116 MHz – 152 MHz) and Military (225 MHz-400 MHz) bands
• Supports Ground/Air (AM) and Land Mobile (FM)
• Single Sideband modes (LSB, USB) are included
• Can be factory-configured for special digital modes
• Configure for any channel spacing, including 25, 12.5, 8.33 and 6.25 kHz
• Software defined architecture simplifies feature additions
• Digital filters eliminate adjacent channel interference
• Ethernet, USB and Serial ports insure flexible interfacing
• Optional remote interface

MtRF-7501-R Civilian/Military Ground to Air AM/FM Transceiver Data Sheet