Mountain RF Sensors Inc. Announces the MtRF-2100 Series SDR Receivers

Fort Lauderdale, FL. July 26, 2016-In answer to the question “What have you been missing?,” Mountain RF Sensors is announcing their new line of Software Defined Receivers (SDR), the MtRF-2100 Series. This second-generation has undergone two years of research & development and offers wider frequency coverage, more features and a higher level of performance as compared to the previous generation. Six models cover the 100 kHz – 550 MHz range and offer superior sensitivity and dynamic range to uncover signals previously not heard.

The receivers are complete stand-alone “black box” receivers, not requiring a supporting PC as most “SDR” receivers do. The receivers are ideal for leave-behind SIGINT and spectrum monitoring applications, supporting both analog audio (narrow band) and digital I&Q (wide band) outputs. Communication is available via RS-232 serial, USB, and Ethernet ports. The receivers use a 16 bit 130 MHz A/D converter and an Altera Cyclone III FPGA to achieve both high sensitivity and dynamic range.

The MtRF-2100 Series is offered in an 8.75” x 6.50” x 2.02” module or 1U 19” rack version.

For additional information or to answer any questions you may have, please call 954-968-6566 or visit our website at:

About Mountain RF Sensors, Inc:
Mountain RF Sensors, Inc. designs and manufactures radio frequency products for government, military, communications, signals intelligence, search and rescue, vessel traffic systems, air traffic control, spectrum management and UAV applications. Products include radio direction finders, receivers, transceivers, antennas, amplified splitters, SIGINT systems, and classification and decoding products by COMINT Consulting.

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