MtRF-2002-R SDR Receiver

The Mountain RF Sensors Software Defined Radios (SDR) are capable of forwarding I/Q data directly to a host computer for post processing as well as providing digital filtering and demodulation locally. The MtRF-2002-R is ideal for leave-behind SIGINT applications, with only power and a network connection required at the collection site.

All bandwidth filtering and demodulation is performed digitally utilizing a high-speed FPGA and microcontroller. Audio can be provided digitally as streaming data via a communication port or as an analog signal from the “Audio Out” connector on the receiver. The host computer only needs to perform control functions, seamlessly accomplished from a remote site.

The front end of the receiver is a low-noise, high dynamic range monolithic amplifier, preceded by 5-pole bandpass filters. This is followed by a 7-pole Nyquist low-pass filter. The receiver utilizes direct-digital conversion throughout the frequency range. Over-sampling provides processing gain which results in greater sensitivity and dynamic range.

In the signal chain, the analog is converted to digital at an early stage, with a minimum of analog circuitry. As such, most of the characteristics are “soft” and can be modified at the program level, and do not dependent on different hardware configurations. The radio is capable of demodulating almost any type of analog or digital signal. For encrypted signals, the radio can pass demodulated baseband or I/Q data (USB or Ethernet) further downstream for decryption in a PC or at a different site. I/Q data can be provided with up to 500 KHz of bandwidth.


Frequency Range 2 MHz to 55 MHz
Frequency tolerance 1 ppm over temp. range
Min. frequency step 10 Hz
Processing FPGA, Altera Cyclone III
A/D Converter Analog Devices AD-9461, 16 bit, 133 MHz
IO/Communications TI RM48L950 ARM-Cortex-R4F 32-bit RISC microcontroller
Sensitivity -126 dBm @ 1 KHz bandwidth
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Image rejection 80 dB minimum
Power input 10.0 to 15.0 Volts @ 2A max.
Temperature range -20 to +50 C.
Dimensions 1U (1.75”) x 8” deep, 19” rack mount
Weight 6.5 lb.
Modulation type AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW, FSK (custom modes available)
Comm ports USB, RS-232 & 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
RF connector SMA (BNC, SO-239 & N available)