DF Systems

The MtRF-4100 Series is an integrated software defined receiver (SDR) and Direction Finder (DF) processor. By combining the receiver and DF processor onto a single PC board, size is reduced and reliability is increased. The combination of a powerful processor and numerous I/O ports allow the unit to generate drive signals for a variety of DF antenna types and to perform Line-Of-Bearing (LOB) calculations at a very high rate. DSP algorithms insure that indicated bearings are as accurate as possible even under marginal signal conditions.

The DF Antenna integrates three sets of elements into a single radome enclosed assembly allowing for simple mounting and dismounting. Vehicle rooftop mounting is supported.

• Forward I/Q data directly to a host computer for post processing
• Wideband DF capability in a small form factor
• Compact and highly integrated
• Available covert DF antenna options
• Forward I/Q data directly to host computer for post processing or recording
• Available Krypto software for SIGINT signal identification and decryption

MtRF-4100 Series Data Sheet